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Syed Ali Gilani was the real voice and hero of Kashmiris’ freedom, Pakistan.

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has said that Syed Ali Gilani was the real voice and hero of the Kashmiris’ referendum movement.

According to a statement issued by the Foreign Office, Pakistan said that the Government and people of Pakistan express their grief and sorrow over the death of Syed Ali Gilani, and pay tribute to the Kashmiris by fighting for their right to self-determination throughout their lives. He was a symbol of opposition to Kashmiris.

Syed Ali Gillani

The Foreign Office said that Syed Ali Gilani has been under house arrest for a long time, but has stayed away from unwavering commitment to the Kashmir cause. Syed Ali Gilani faces the beauty of the nation.

The Foreign Office said that a new determination and encouragement was given to the three generations of Kashmir against tyranny and tyranny against Syed Ali Gilani. That referendum was the real voice of the Kashmiris movement and they were heroes, they were for a moment. Never oblivious to their ideological direction, they are fully committed to their heart and soul, as well as to a just installation.

The spokesman further said that Syed Ali Gilani’s unparalleled commitment and love for Pakistan and Kashmir will always be remembered, his army will move forward in the war against the army of war. Raise the following levels. According to the decisions of the Security Council of Pakistan, the referendum will help the Kashmiris to get their legal right.

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