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Britain’s Historic Role in the Kashmir Conflict

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Britain has a historic responsibility towards Kashmir Conflict. During their rule in India, they played an important role. The British colonialists were responsible for a huge rise in literacy in India and this led to massive freedom for the people of Kashmir. Their historic record in India Kashmir cannot be ignored.

It is interesting to note that the present generation in Kashmir is grateful to the British for the historic cause. They believe that Pakistan is their homeland and want to live in that peace and freedom. They do not want to see Hindu Fundamentalism crushed in a single night. They are ready to live in a country which does not persecute them.

Kashmiris are mostly moderate and have a limited capability of violence. But Kashmiris have a historic and emotional attachment to their country. They feel emotionally and mentally safer in Kashmir than anywhere else in the world. In addition, Kashmiris have a deep dislike for Indian rule and wish to throw it out.

This is a problem that the UN is trying to solve. India claims that it is the rightful ruler of Kashmir and wants to remain that way. They also feel Kashmir is rightfully theirs. So, at the end of the day, India has to choose between being the legitimate government of Kashmiris or the historical and cultural pride of its people. Can India walk away from this historic opportunity?

The UN is treating the matter with some degree of sympathy. Secretary General K Ban Kowrabali has stated that the present UN resolutions should be maintained in order to protect the rights of the Kashmiris. He also called on India to cooperate fully with their neighbors to come to a consensus to end the fighting. Talks will continue until the situation is under control. But the historic and cultural ties between India and Kashmir cannot be replaced easily.

India has always had a difficult relationship with its neighbors. After the Partition of India, there were tensions between India and Pakistan. When the two countries merged, they took over Kashmir as well. Since then, there have been plenty of problems between India and its neighbors. The Kashmir conflict has played a large role in these tensions. There have been Mujahideen attacks, stone throwing, and even shootouts between the two countries.

kashmir confict

Kashmir has a rich and diversified history. Even before the Britains came to the aid of Pakistan during the Partition of India, Kashmir was the homeland to several nomadic cultures including the Dardanis, Gelbanis, and Paharis. All of these tribes are still there today in Kashmir. The enduring symbols of their culture are the countless temples and monasteries.

What can the British have in common with their former colonies? All of these ancient societies that have been displaced due to war or violence all have one thing in common. They have a rich, diverse, and historical heritage that is woven into their very fabric. It is this heritage that is being pushed to the forefront in the Kashmir conflict. Whether it is the Dalai Lama, the UN, or anyone else trying to mediate a peace agreement; it is imperative that this conflict is handled responsibly and monitored by an international agency.

While the world News obsesses on the humanitarian catastrophe in Kashmir Conflict, we must not forget the historic damage being done to Kashmir. Over the past couple hundred years, Kashmir has been occupied many times by numerous external powers. When the British finally handed over Kashmir to India, they did so knowing that it would be turned into a battlefield once again. Today, the residents of Kashmir are still fighting for their right to their homeland.

Whether you are supporting the freedom fighters, or anyone else trying to broker a settlement, the aim should be to bring an end to the violence and occupation once and for all. History will show that it is not possible to resolve any conflicts through violence, whether it is political or otherwise. Sometimes, it is best to try to resolve differences through peaceful means. And that is exactly what the United Nations and other international agencies are doing now in bringing about a peaceful solution to Kashmir’s problem.

It is high time the world paid attention to the historic cause of the Kashmir conflict, and did its best to bring peace to the people of Kashmir. All people want the same thing-Kashmir will become a united state once and for all. Stop listening to Indian propaganda and media propaganda, and support the cause of Kashmiris being denied their right of self determination.


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