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Ufone Super Card Packages and Price in 2022 | Google Diets

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There are various ways to get Ufone Super Card codes for different packages. These codes are provided for different packages that provide a number of benefits. Some of them offer free on-net and off-net minutes, MBs, and social data. With these cards, you can enjoy a hassle-free call service and peace of mind. Moreover, the Ufone Cards can be used to get free prepaid calls, as well as recharges, and save money on other services.

Ufone Super Card Details

You can check how many minutes, SMS, or 3G internet are left on your Super Card using the My Ufone App. The Ufone Super Card Plus also gives you free access to Facebook and mahiney bhar ki befikri. In addition, the Super Card allows you to chat with other Ufone users without using any data. The codes for these packages are available on the official website of Ufone.

Ufone Super Card OffersDetails
Ufone To Ufone & PTCL Minutes1000
Off-Net Minutes150
All Network SMS4000
Internet (2G & 3G)1200 MBs
Subscription Code*240#
PriceRs. 550
Duration30 days
Check remainings Data CodeDial *706#

Ufone Mini Super Card Details

Ufone Mini Super Card is a handy one for those who need a temporary recharge. These cards are only valid for 15 days, so they’re useful for short-term use. If you don’t need all of them, you can simply use one of the other cards from Ufone. The Ufone Super Card is the best option for short-term use. And as it has no validity, it will automatically expire after 15 days.

Ufone Super Card OffersDetails
Ufone To Ufone & PTCL Minutes500
Off-Net Minutes75
All Network SMS3500
Internet (2G & 3G)600 MBs
Subscription Code*230#
PriceRs. 330
Duration15 days
Check remainings Data CodeDial *706#

Another way to get the Super Card is to purchase the super minutes package. It costs Rs. 520 and gives you access to many benefits including SMS and Internet services. You can also get U-U Minutes for free and activate them by dialing *210#. Moreover, you can check your remaining resources using My Ufone App. Then, simply scratch off the code and enjoy your free minutes!

Super Card Plus Details

With the Ufone Super Card Plus, you can avail unlimited talk time, data, and social media access for just Rs.250. The card comes with features such as unlimited Facebook and internet, as well as four thousand SMS and 180 different network minutes. To subscribe for Ufone Super Card Plus, just dial *250#. The card is available through retail stores, ULoad, and bill payment options. If you are not sure about purchasing the card, check out some advantages of the card.

The Ufone Card Plus is an extended version of the Super Card. With the Ufone Card Plus, you can get unlimited Internet, voice minutes, and SMS for a whole month. Moreover, the Ufone Super Card Plus includes unlimited Facebook. However, the Super Card Plus does not offer UAN numbers. So, it’s important to choose an option that suits you.

Ufone Super Card OffersDetails
Ufone To Ufone & PTCL Minutes1200
Off-Net Minutes180
All Network SMS4200
Internet (2G & 3G)1500 MBs
Subscription Code*250#
PriceRs. 599
Duration30 days
Check remainings Data CodeDial *706# 

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