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0355 Which Network Code in Pakistan

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0355 is the code of the SCOM network in Pakistan, The SCO is a newer network in the region, working in Gilgit Baltistan and Jammu and Kashmir. SCO is focused on providing the best possible communication and prices for its subscribers. The three most common networks are SCO, Zong, and Mobilink. The following are the codes and their respective networks.

Network NameSCOM

While 0355 which network code is used for cellular mobile phone calls in Pakistan, many users have difficulty understanding this code. The migration of cellular mobile subscriber numbers has already been completed, but you will still find yourself confused about which sim to use. Here is a guide to help you with this question. It is important to note down the network series number and remember it. After you have this information, you will have no problem using the phone.

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If you have a phone number that is not listed in the network ratings, you can look it up on the PTA website. They list all the networks that are part of the PTA. If you are unsure, you can also look up its other network codes. For example, if a number has a three-digit code, it is on the Mobilink network. This means that the number does not belong to a network.

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