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0323 which network code in Pakistan | Tech Tips

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0323 is the code of the Warid network in Pakistan, With a rapidly growing customer base, Warid has introduced the network code. The Warid is the best network in the region, working all over Pakistan. Warid is focused on providing the best possible communication and prices for its subscribers. The 3 most common networks are Zong, Telenor, and Mobilink. The following are the codes and their respective networks.

Network NameWarid
0323 which network code
0323 which network code

There are different GSM service providers in Pakistan. All of them have different network codes that users use to access the internet, or other voice and data services on their networks. 0323 which network code Warid Telecom has been in Pakistan since 2012. Also has one of the most affordable plans in the country. Warid Telecom is also very popular with the local population.

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Where To Buy Warid SIM Card

To buy a Warid SIM card you will have to go to any of these physical stores: Zong, Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor. Once you reach any of these stores simply show them your CNIC and they will provide you with one. However, there are some stores that sell fake SIM cards so always check your SIM after buying. This is a major issue in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad where many people have lost their money by buying fake SIMs.

How To Activate A New Warid SIM Card

Activating a new Warid SIM card is extremely easy. You can do it over their website or through one of their customer service phone numbers. If you choose to activate your Warid SIM card online, you’ll need to know your mobile number and then choose Registration/Activation as one of your options.

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