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What are the Benefits of Pre Assembled Cabinets

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Currently, there is a trend amongst modern homeowners of buying ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets instead of pre assembled cabinets. Of course, such homeowners are motivated by the trend and cost implications of purchasing RTA cabinets.

However, pre-assembled kitchen cabinets are great if you know their benefits. It is for this reason that we will explore the benefits of having pre assembled cabinets in your home.

  1.     Less work

Unlike RTA cabinets, pre assembled cabinets do not have a lot of work attached to them. The fact that you buy them as complete units make them extremely easy to handle once they reach your home. You simply need to put them in your desired place in the kitchen without having to assemble them again.

  1.     No hidden costs

There are no hidden costs that you will incur when you invest in pre assembled cabinets. One of the common hidden costs that homeowners incur when installing RTA cabinets is payments made to a carpenter or to someone experienced to help with the installation of the cabinets. You are never told that you have to hire someone to help you with the assembling of RTA cabinets yet it can be impossible to do it yourself. However, with the pre-assembled cabinets, you don’t need extra help.

  1.     No damages

You will not have any damages if you choose to have the units delivered as complete units. However, there is a risk of ruining your cabinets if you assemble them yourself. Therefore, choosing pre assembled cabinets ensures that you get cabinets that do not have damages.

  1.     Quality finish

The quality of finish of pre-assembled kitchen cabinets is amazing. You cannot compare it with RTA cabinets. This is because the manufacturer does all the work for you and gives you a final product as it was intended to be.

What are some reservations that you should be aware of?

Some of the reservations that you should take note of about pre assembled cabinets are:

        Expensive: They are usually more expensive than ready to assemble cabinets. This is because the manufacturer is involved in the whole process and passes on the cost of production to the buyer.

        Inflexible: Once the kitchen cabinets have been assembled, it is hard to remake them to fit your kitchen style. This means that you have to get the right measurements that will fit your kitchen so that you don’t go wrong with the cabinets.

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