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Features of Mid Century Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you tired of the trending kitchen cabinets and are looking for mid-century modern kitchen cabinets? Well, there is a great difference between modern kitchen cabinets and mid-century modern kitchen cabinets. The latter is more refined and has a classic appearance. This cabinetry type is often associated with the wealthy.

How would you recognize mid-century modern kitchen cabinets?

Well, if you are not keen, you might end up getting the normal modern kitchen cabinets at the price of the antique kitchen cabinets. You need to identify specific details that define how mid-century modern kitchen cabinets should look like.

Differences between modern and mid-century modern kitchen cabinets:


At the first glance, modern and mid-century modern kitchen cabinets look alike. However, if you are keen enough, you will notice that modern kitchen cabinets have strict horizontal lines. You will also notice that hardware is also arranged horizontally.

However, mid-century modern kitchen cabinets feature a complex architectural flow with the cabinets doors often big. You will also notice that the size of the kitchen cabinets is in direct proportion to the size of the kitchen.


While lighting is an independent feature of the kitchen, it also affects the look of kitchen cabinets. Modern kitchen cabinets employ the concept of minimalism when it comes to lighting. However, mid-century modern kitchen cabinets feature optimism and exuberance. Here, you will find pendant lighting still a big feature of lighting in the kitchen. The pendants may vary depending on the homeowner but there is a tendency to use glass pendants tinted orange, chrome cluster pendants, and classical bulbs.

Cabinet style

Both modern and mid-century modern kitchen cabinets have a smooth and sleek style. You will also find the frameless design as a defining feature for both.

However, accessories such as sliding doors are associated with mid-century modern kitchen cabinets.

Materials used

Mid-century modern kitchen cabinets often use traditional wood or veneer. In addition, they also featured glass cabinets that could show off the collectibles put in the kitchen. However, modern cabinets may have other materials used.

Color scheme

Another feature that defines mid-century modern cabinets is the color scheme. The popular color schemes include burnt orange and mint green. However, modern cabinets use colors such as white, grey, and beige among many other neutral colors.

These are the main defining features that define mid-century modern kitchen cabinets.

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