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Diverse Amenities Welcome You To The Dairies

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Dairy Farm Residences are well suited to accommodate an entire family and their guest as well as accommodate a business with many employees. They are located in the vicinity of rolling dairy farms which provide all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. The most popular areas for these types of residences are the Adirondack Mountains, North East of Lake George NY. They are ideally situated and compliment other parts of the countryside.

Most of these houses are set amongst beautiful gardens with lush trees, flowers and plants around the periphery providing an excellent view of the various crops being grown. They have well insulated interiors that are ideal for keeping the children safe while in the garden area. The house floor plans include both studio apartments and luxury town homes with a choice of three or four bedroom units. The architecture of most dairy farm residences has been modernized to suit contemporary housing requirements of the customers.

The design concepts of the residences take into account the surroundings and the best possible site to build on. They are made using the best quality building materials to suit the unique environment of the dairy farm region. The first integrated development in the dairy farm vicinity was planned by developer Ellis Kullback in 1966 to cater to the housing needs of the residents of New York City.

The development comprised residential towers and a retail podium with all the required amenities for a comfortable living. The residential towers are designed in such a way that each floor has direct access to the main entrance. These residential towers have been designed with glass facades to give a pleasant exterior appearance. They are built upon a concrete foundation and are surrounded by lush garden areas with a variety of floral arrangement. They consist of Class A and Class B villas with swimming pools and open-air decks for recreational purposes.

The retail podium is an eight storey building housing mainly featuring stores for a variety of products. The retail podium is constructed in an apartment-like fashion to make it very convenient for residents. The residences are designed so that residents have easy access to the rest of the complexes through different gates. Several activities are provided at the residences such as playgrounds, car parking, tennis courts, horse stables and a gymnasium. The integrated development aims at providing residents with all the facilities necessary for comfortable living.

The best feature of Dairy Farm Residences in New York is that they provide excellent living experience to their residents. The residents enjoy scenic views of the natural surroundings every day. The best way to describe the atmosphere is that it is like a home every day. The residences also contain a variety of amenities for recreational purposes. You can enjoy a lazy afternoon sipping coffee or trying your hand at golf at the tennis court. The other major feature is that you can also take a lazy walk to the nearby woods and pastures.

When you select the dairy residence, you will enjoy the best of both worlds. The residents have the convenience of a suburban lifestyle with ample shopping opportunities and entertainment centers. The other advantage of staying at one of the Dairy Farm Residences is that you don’t have to mingle with outsiders when you step out of your doors. You have the option to stay insulated and secure while enjoying your favorite hobbies, games or activities. This integrated development has all the modern comforts that can give you the comfort of home without the noise and hustle of traffic.

Another amazing aspect about these residences is that they are close to major highways, airports, light railway lines and the Big Apple’s biggest city, Manhattan. You get a good feel of suburban life with numerous supermarkets, retail shops, banks, movie theatres and multiplexes just within walking distance. You can literally spend a whole day exploring all the aspects of your environment and still end up with a relaxed feeling. The residents can also take a nice lazy stroll in the scenic natural parks and lakes and enjoy some peace and serenity.

Dairy Farm Residences – Located on 8 acres of scenic land, residents have easy access to everything they want from the convenience of their surroundings. You have access to well-known supermarkets like Sizzler, Whole Foods, Giant Food Market, and many more. You can choose a place that is perfect for both work and pleasure. Some residents even have access to a subway, so you won’t need to worry about getting to work. There are also well-trained security guards that will be willing to stop by at random times to greet and advise residents.

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