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Types Of Halal Foods And Their Benefits

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The halal foods products are the meat and poultry products of Islam. They are all halal for the purposes of law in Islam and therefore are allowed to be eaten, although they must be refrigerated upon purchase. In the United States, it is a legal requirement for the Muslim population to purchase these products from local retailers. The popularity of the products is growing in many areas of the United States as well. Many national chains offer it, which is sold at very reasonable prices. Many Muslims have become accustomed to these local retailers and know them as “Hilal Al-Rabie” or “Hilal Al-Quran”.

These products are a major industry in Pakistan, where they have been in use for decades. The popularity of them is increasing in the United States as well. This is due to their use for the Islamic holiday feasts in many areas of the country. Many of the national chains have also brought them into their local stores. This is in addition to the thousands of Muslims that regularly purchase them in groceries, markets, and convenience stores across the United States.

Halal Foods

Islamic laws prohibit the consumption of pork products. Some of these items are prohibited for Muslims under Islamic law and therefore cannot be brought into the country, or imported from other countries. Islamic law requires that meat and animal fat must only come from animals that have been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law. Animals must be slaughtered by a knife having a raised cut. Islamic law requires that the stomach of the animal is completely cut off before the blood is drained, which is one reason for the large quantities of the product.

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Halal food products are all prepared according to Islamic standards. They follow strict Islamic procedures for preparation and cooking, as well as the rules for preserving them. Islamic authorities do not approve of any type of animal or meat being processed in a manner other than according to Islamic guidelines. Because of this, Islamic food products may be very costly.

The majority of Halal Foods are available in grocery stores, but some are only available via specialty retailers. A variety of retailers sell them exclusively. It is best to thoroughly research each company before purchasing to ensure they are reliable and reputable. Many halal food companies offer a variety of customized solutions to meet individual dietary requirements. These include customized dietary options and meal prep kits.

The Internet is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to research halal foods. There are many websites that offer information about the products, as well as ways to purchase them. These products are often preferred because of their affordability, including the availability of large quantities. In many cases, shoppers find that buying food in bulk allows them to get discounts.


Financial Reports on Hilal Foods

A variety of businesses offer customization services for halal foods products. They can make all the necessary arrangements to fit into the diet or lifestyle of the client. Some specialize in certain types of Halal Foods products, while others have a wide selection of offerings. Before choosing a company, it is important to review the portfolio of available services to determine which has the broadest range and which has the best overall customer service.

Halal Foods

Halal Foods

There are also a great many health benefits to purchasing these types of products. The fat content is lower than regular meat products, which is safer for those with certain medical conditions or who are lactose intolerant. The proteins are also higher in quality than many alternative meats. And because there is no animal fat or cholesterol, there is no need to watch one’s cholesterol levels. All of these qualities make Islamic food products a popular choice among consumers.

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List of Hilal Foods (Pvt) Ltd. employees

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Position Location Contact info
shahid khan Warehouse Officer (Supply Chain Department) Canada sxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Shahid Hameed Manager Procurement Pakistan sxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Ghayas Khan Utilities Manager Pakistan gxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Tariq Abbas Khan Group Director Human Resources Karāchi, Sindh txx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Syed Afnan Omer Ali Manager IT Infrastructure and Network Security Pakistan sxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Ifrah Baig Sr. Trade Marketing Executive Pakistan ixx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Omar Ibad Group Head IT & MIS Pakistan oxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Amin Muhammad Head Of Supply Chain Pakistan axx@hilalfoods.com.pk
M Kashif Regional Sales Manager Pakistan mxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Maria Ahsan Marketing Manager Pakistan mxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Zahid Mahmud Chief Operating Officer Pakistan zxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Mashood Ul Haq Territory Sales Executive Pakistan mxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Faizan Siddiqui ACCA Group Audit Lead Pakistan fxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Mobin Karimi Area Sales Manager Afghanistan mxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Zahid Ali Khan Business Analyst | FICO Consultant Pakistan zxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Yaseen Ghori NeboshIGC Deputy Manager HSE Pakistan yxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
aamir sohail Territory Sales Officer/Manager United Arab Emirates axx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Hina Ali Sr. Executive HR – Operations Pakistan hxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Umar Ahmed Siddiqui Associate Manager Import Pakistan uxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Maria Gonsalves Executive Secretary Pakistan mxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Owais ali Executive Production Pakistan oxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Majid Naeem Territory Sales Executive Pakistan mxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Raza Ali Senior Executive Procurement Pakistan rxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Nasir khan QA Manager Pakistan nxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Ahmer Khawaja Deputy Manager IT Infrastructure and Network Security Pakistan axx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Fahad Ayub (MBA Associate Manager Internal Audit Pakistan fxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Abdul Ahad Sr. Executive Production Pakistan axx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Anusha Khan Assistant Brand Manager Pakistan axx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Mehwish Fazal Senior Executive Pakistan mxx@hilalfoods.com.pk
Raja Maleeh Senior Executive Technical Operations Pakistan rxx@hilalfoods.com.pk

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