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How to Become Independent comics Publisher

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Independent comics cover an incredible assortment of comic books that have originally appeared between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, after the underground comix movement of the mid-1960s and the proliferation of independent comics in the Golden Age. Independent comics offer an alternative to the often limited comic book market of the past, which has included only the mainstream titles. These titles often deal with controversial topics and issues and may be written by well-known writers and illustrators. They also tend to be very unique, with a style that is distinctive and personal. Many of the most popular independent titles are hugely successful, and a number of these high profile sellers continue to remain on every best seller list.

Two of the biggest publishers in the comic book world today are DC Entertainment and Marvel Comics. DC Entertainment has maintained its place as the leader in comic industry publishing, with both of their major comic books being available in stores. On the other hand, Marvel Comics has enjoyed much more success, with some of their long standing series including the Avengers franchise and X-Men series, as well as numerous movie sequels and reboots. Many of their current characters have managed to become multi-million dollar earners, which only serves to underline the massive fan following that these comics enjoy.

Both companies publish many different titles. DC Entertainment’s line of comic books includes comic books based on the DC Universe, such as the Batman and Superman series. Marvel, on the other hand, has established their own characters and storylines, which have led to numerous spin-off series and films. Their comic books now feature many different superheroes that have their own individual indie comic reviews. These include Iron Man, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Wolverine and the X-Men.

As you would expect, there is a huge demand for these comics. They are predominantly sold by independent bookstores and retail shops but are also available through numerous websites on the internet. Many independent publishers sell exclusive titles, but it is not uncommon to see standard Marvel titles available through online retailers as well. There is no shortage of retailers who carry indie titles. In fact, they can be found in shopping malls, newsstands, bookstores, and virtually anywhere you can think of.

One of the most successful indie comics is the Star Wars line of books. The popularity of Star Wars has lead to numerous tie-in titles and a variety of multimedia products. Some of these tie-ins include board games, action figures, movies, TV shows, and video games. Some of this has been done by Hasbro and several of their competitors. Yet, there are still many stores that carry original Star Wars material and merchandise. The original Star Wars films introduced a whole new generation of fans to the world of cinema.

In terms of publishing, a number of individuals self-publish their own comics through home printings and publishing. These typically are very minimalistic, or type titles which have garnered a considerable following. Lately, aspiring authors are utilizing self-publishing venues in order to launch their careers. The New York Times has even published “The Best Of Indie Comics” as a series of comic reviews. If you have an incredible story to tell, and a passion for the comic art form, then you can certainly succeed as an independent writer.

A great way to get your indie comics printed is to contact various publishing houses or graphic design firms. These organizations tend to be a good investment if you have a solid story to tell and a strong desire to get your work out to the public. Do a search on any major search engine and you will find numerous listing for publishing houses. If you contact more than a few of them, however, you may find that you are more drawn to have your work published by one particular house. Keep in mind, many of these publishing houses specialize in a specific style of comic.

You may also want to consider approaching established writers who have not published indie comics. Many writers are receptive to the new comers and are eager to see new talent. Just be sure to keep a contact list of all of their contacts so that you know who to send your work to. Many writers will not take too kindly to having their work plastered all over the internet, either. If this happens to you, consider approaching other writers and have them help you publish your work.

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