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Forms of Entertainment

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Why The Quran & Entertainment Centers Are Popular

Every Muslim should read the Quran and have it as their primary source of knowledge. In fact, the Quran is the book that was revealed by Allah to His Messenger Muhammad (SAW) to educate him and all Muslims. For those of you who are not familiar with the Quran or cannot find time to sit in front of your television, listen to a sermon on satellite TV or surf the net, there is an option of reading the Quran & entertainment in a DVD or a video. These DVDs are sold in many online stores at affordable rates.

The topics covered in the Quran are very interesting, having deep meanings and teaching methods. There are narrations (verses) from the Holy Quran that provides an explanation of the Holy Quran verses. These have been translated into written forms so that people can read them and understand them better. Hence, these have emerged as the best forms of entertainment.

Please Listen THE HOLY QURAN

A DVD or video will be a perfect choice for a person to watch at home or while travelling – such as on a business trip. It is a lot easier to watch the Quran than to read it. The videos and dvds also contain beautiful music tracks, which will give you pleasure every time you listen to them. You will get to enjoy the beautiful voice of the religious prophet, peace be upon him.

There are many interpretations of the Quran and as such, there will be various ways of understanding the meaning of each one of the scriptures. To complicate matters even more, the holy Quran is written in Arabic, a language that is not commonly known by the common man. Hence, people need a medium to read the Quran in a simple way and understand it easily.

The purpose of a DVD is to make it easier for people to learn and understand the Quran. It does this by showing people how to read the Quran. It is very important to read and recite the Quran in an appropriate manner, in order to gain an understanding of its wisdom and deep spiritual meanings. This is only possible when you are enjoying a good DVD or video. This means that it should entertain and inform at the same time.

When you are watching the video or DVD, you will want to sit with your family and friends and engage in lively discussions. If the people in your family are not Muslims, then you might be apprehensive about their reactions to the videos and DVDs. However, such fears will be laid to rest once they start enjoying the Quran and the holy guidance contained therein. This is because, the Muslims in particular, regard the Quran as a holy book and the foremost source of religious knowledge. Hence, any teachings contained in it must be learned and pondered upon with great care and sincerity. Thus, the entertainment centers that promote such products are being used by them as a medium to educate the believers and spread the word of the religion.


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To watch a few videos or read a few verses of the Quran is not enough to keep you engaged in deep thoughts. You need to be constantly exposed to the beautiful stories of the Quran and its miraculous verses to understand its greatness and grandeur. To this effect, the Quran and the holy Quran should be shown in a big screen T.V.

In conclusion, the use of the Quran & Entertainment Centers should be encouraged wherever it is possible. They are available in hotels, restaurants, and malls. You can avail them from your Internet as well. As a Muslim, you cannot do without them!

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