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How Does Your Computer Repair Homepage Compare With Other Websites?

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The first step towards finding the best computer repair service is to decide what kind of assistance you need. Are you having problems with your PC’s desktop, laptop or both? What about the Internet, especially with its latest version, XP? If your computer is a gaming platform, what about its graphics card or sound card? The homepage is probably already in top form, as you type away on that keyboard.

If the above images to describe your desktop or laptop, you’re off to a great start. As mentioned, XP is still the most popular operating system around, but do any of your other OS icons appear as such? The homepage offers plenty of potential customers for your business, as it offers a lot of potential customers for your business. However, the “about” and “contact” icons are not quite as attractive as they could be. Do they really look helpful?

If you’re like most companies, you use Windows, but you also have Linux and Mac OS X clients. Maybe you decided that you didn’t want to give up your Windows client and decided to give Linux and Macs a try. Or perhaps you prefer full-color images over white text. Whatever the case, your repair uses Windows, so these two things are equally important for your repair.

Now you need to choose what kind of website uses Windows for its homepage. If your computer repair uses Windows, your homepage will use Windows sidebar elements. If your computer repair uses Linux, the site uses a Linux terminal and scrolling windows. And if you use Mac, the site uses a Mac terminal and scrolling windows.

The best way to find out the homepage features of a computer repair company is to go to its Web site. Most computer repair sites offer at least a basic Contact Us page. This is usually just a generic version of a phone number, city and country, though. The Contact Us page does not include any address, phone number or other relevant information. Some sites include their e-mail addresses in the Contact Us section, though. These are useful if you’d like to get in touch with someone quickly, or need to look up information about the company or individual staff members.

A homepage that use Windows sidebar elements and offer a phone number, e-mail address, and a few basic details does seem friendly and professional, but you should take a closer look. A website that only has a phone number and offers a link to a support page that doesn’t include the city or state doesn’t seem friendly at all. A site that seems friendly and professional uses full-color images of their staff and offers information about the company, service rates, etc. Most people would be happy to look at these kinds of things while browsing the Web.

If your repair uses an hourly rate and is located in your local area, the homepage may be useful. It’s not necessary to include your phone numbers and street addresses; most repair websites have the phone numbers, addresses and website links on their homepage. Even if your repair won’t use the website links, it might be helpful to provide a few phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses so potential customers can contact you. Also, if your repair is located in another state or even in another country, your homepage should contain some contact information. Customers who call with questions about your repair won’t have to wade through the voicemail message to get your information.

A homepage should be easy for visitors to navigate and use without being aggressive or confusing. A badly designed website often makes customers click away from your site without ever finding out about service options, pricing and what’s available. If your repair homepage doesn’t seem friendly and professional, don’t count on getting many customers. It could be the first thing people see when they visit your repair shop, so make sure your web design is effective and attractive.

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