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Gold rate in Pakistan

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Today Gold rate in Pakistan

The gold rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day due to various reasons. The increasing demand for gold from the commercial sector and the growing economy of Pakistan both these factors have increased the demand for gold. At the beginning, gold was introduced in the market with the introduction of the monetary system and gold was accepted as legal tender in the form of coins. As the demand increased, the process of commercialization of gold mining started and soon after, it went through different phases like industrialization of gold mining, development of banks that hold huge gold stocks, etc. After this, gold mining companies saw a big opportunity in the form of gold sales.

GOLD RATE 24 Karat Gold Rate Today 22 Karat Gold Rate Today 21 Karat Gold Rate Today 18 Karat Gold Rate Today
Gold Per Tola Rs. 111800 Rs. 102483 Rs. 97825 Rs. 83850
Gold Per 10 Grams Rs. 95850 Rs. 87862 Rs. 83869 Rs. 71888
Gold Per Gram Rs. 9585 Rs. 8786 Rs. 8387 Rs. 7189
Gold Per Ounce Rs. 271730 Rs. 249084 Rs. 237764 Rs. 203798


When we try to look at the gold rate in Pakistan, it is evident that there has been an appreciating trend of gold prices in the past few years. However, when we further analyze the various factors that affect gold prices and gold rate in Pakistan, we can easily understand the present scenario of the gold market in Pakistan and its future prospects. This is because of the following reasons.


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A major contributing factor to the increasing gold rate in Pakistan is the increase in the demand from various cities of Pakistan. As I have said before, major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and others have a large population and the demand for gold is also increasing in those cities. There is a huge population of skilled workers who earn a decent living in different cities of Pakistan and they are moving towards cities such as Lahore and Karachi in search of jobs. With the rise in the gold rate in Pakistan, the localised metal smiths and the localised gold traders are also earning good revenue from their contracts with exporters of different countries of the world and from the import and export of gold items.

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